classes – metaphysical, reiki, human aura,chakras

$5 Saturdays  with Connie Dohan (Reiki Awakening Academy – Columbus branch)

2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month
Come & go
LaLuna Wellness, 5131 Post Road, suite 375 Dublin OH


14  July Sat noon – 2
Your Aura
See YOUR aura on our aura machine.
Learn to sense, see, perceive your aura & the aura of others.
What your aura does for you.

Individualized imaging, reporting, assessing, consulting available at a deep  discount
welcome price of $15 (60% off regular $60 price).
Call 614 989 4550 to book your appointment for this or take your chances at the door


28 July Sat noon – -2
Energy Healing –Very Basics
Lets  start at the very beginning!
This is a  hands on class so dress comfortably.
Find  the Energy;  fill with Energy;  release the Energy through your hands.
PLUS:  COFFEE SHOP HEALING (AKA Healing Head to Toe) (AKA Chair Healing)
Complete healing technique without a massage table.   Suitable for newbie to Advanced.
PLUS: PRACTICE HEALING There will be time to practice live healing on each other with Bill or Connie available for direction, guidance, support






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